Pennsylvania FTC Teams

Start Your Own Team

Have you been thinking about starting an additional FTC team? There’s no better time than now!  Go to to get started.

What You Need
  • About 4-10 students
  • Five to 10 hours per week to design, build and test your robot
  • A place to meet and build
  • A computer
  • A robotics kit (about $700* - more if you want a more complex robot)
  • FIRST® registration fee ($275*)
  • Local event registration ($0-$300*)


Register your team today. Go to the FIRST website,, sign-up for an account and begin your exciting journey into the world of robotics!  Use the step-by-step registration guide to walk you through the registration system. For registration technical support, call 1-800-871-8326.

You can also contact us at Pennsylvania FIRST FTC for support