FTC Events

Every year nearly 20,000 students from around the world participate in FIRST Tech Challenge tournaments. 

This section contains information on:
If you are already registered as an FIRST Tech Challenge team, you can register for a Pennsylvania event by visiting Event Registration.

Compass and Promote Awards provides the opportunity for teams to submit links to their Compass or Promote videos.

See the FTC Live! page which provides real-time information on the current Qualifier Match Schedule, Match Results, Team Rankings, plus tracks teams as they progress through Check-in, Judging, Hardware Inspection, Software Inspection, and Field Inspection.

FIRST Tech Challenge Event Types
  • Workshop - These events can cover a variety of FIRST Tech Challenge and robotics related topics. They are often hosted by vendors, Affiliate Partners or teams.
  • Kick-off - Held each September, this event is when the new season's game is revealed. Kick-off offers the opportunity to see the game reveal live, network with other FIRST Tech Challenge teams and strategize about the new season.
  • Scrimmage - a small event run by volunteers, usually a team or Affiliate Partner, good for practice and playing experience. These events can have anywhere from three to 20 teams and may not include judging and awards. These events do not qualify teams for championship tournaments. May also be called a Practice Day
  • Meets - Pennsylvania FIRST Tech Challenge will be part of FIRST Tech Challenge pilot to test an alternative format to the standard day-long tournaments. Meets will last about 3 hours and can include from 6 to 12 teams. The cumulative competition rankings, judging, and judge videos will rank and qualify teams for championship tournaments.
  • Qualifying Tournament - These events are held in areas with a large number of teams. In these events, teams compete for positions at Championship Tournaments with advancement criteria. Qualifying Tournaments include judging and awards.
  • Championship Tournament - The largest, and sometimes only, regional or state event. Teams compete for a chance to qualify for the FIRST Tech Challenge Super-Regional Event. Championship Tournaments may require teams to advance through a Qualifying Tournament structure. Championship Tournaments adhere to standards in format, judging and awards. 
  • Super-Regional Championship - an event to which Regional Championships advance teams, and then teams advance from the Super-Regionals to the World Championship. There are four FIRST Tech Challenge regions in the United States with additional regions to be determined internationally as the program grows. Each US region will host one Super-Regional.
  • World Championship - This event is the culmination of the season. To compete in this event, teams must win at a Championship Tournament.
FIRST Tech Challenge Affiliate Partners reserve the right to limit the numbers of teams attending any of these tournaments. Neither FIRST nor the local FIRST Tech Challenge Affiliate Partner can guarantee a tournament in your area, even if you have registered with FIRST.