FTC Events

Every year over 20,000 students from around the world participate in FIRST Tech Challenge tournaments. 

This section contains information on:
If you are already registered as an FIRST Tech Challenge team, you can register for a Pennsylvania event by visiting Event Registration.

Compass and Promote Awards provides the opportunity for teams to submit links to their Compass or Promote videos.

See the FTC Live! page which provides real-time information on the current Qualifier Match Schedule, Match Results, Team Rankings, plus tracks teams as they progress through Check-in, Judging, Hardware Inspection, Software Inspection, and Field Inspection.

FIRST Tech Challenge Event Types
  • Workshop - These events can cover a variety of FIRST Tech Challenge and robotics related topics. They are often hosted by vendors, Affiliate Partners or teams.
  • Kick-off - Held each September, this event is when the new season's game is revealed. Kick-off offers the opportunity to see the game reveal live, network with other FIRST Tech Challenge teams and strategize about the new season.
  • Scrimmage - A scrimmage is an unofficial FIRST Tech Challenge Event where Teams do not advance. Teams compete at a scrimmage solely to prepare for an official tournament. Anyone can host a scrimmage to prepare for an official tournament. Teams hosting a scrimmage are encouraged to notify their local Affiliate Partner that such a tournament is taking place. Teams that choose to create and host a local tournament are responsible for finding a location, organizing the format for the day, and inviting other Teams to participate. Teams may also have to secure the field elements, computers, and other items.
  • Meets and League Play - A League Meet is a one-field competition that uses the same field and game as other tournaments. Teams may take part in as few or as many League Meets as they choose, but competing in more improves a Teams League ranking. Some of the standard tournament guidelines may be adapted for those regions that participate in the League format. Teams should contact their Affiliate Partner for more information about the scheduling, structure, advancement, and processes that are unique to the League/Meet in their region.
  • Qualifying Tournament and League Tournaments - Hosted and managed by FIRST Tech Challenge Affiliate Partners or Affiliate Partner-appointed hosts. Qualifying tournaments follow the judging, game guidelines, and format outlined in Game Manual Part 1. Qualifying Tournaments are usually held before Championship Tournaments in regions where there are many Teams. The number of Teams advancing to the State Championship Tournament depends on the capacity of the State Championship Tournament, the number of Qualifying Tournaments, and the number of Teams attending the Qualifying Tournament.
  • Super-Qualifying Tournaments - These tournaments are held in regions with a large number of Teams and/or Leagues. In these regions, Teams advance from either a League Championship or Qualifying Tournament to a Super-Qualifying Tournament, and then to the regional or State Championship. Super-Qualifying Tournaments adhere to FIRST standards in format, judging, and awards. 
  • Championship Tournament - Hosted and managed by a FIRST Tech Challenge Affiliate Partner, Championship Tournaments abide by certain standards in format, judging, awards, and overall quality. Some Championship Tournaments require that Teams advance from a Qualifying Tournament or League Tournament to advance to the State/Regional Championship. Championship Tournaments may include Teams from a geographic region, province, state, country, or several countries. Teams should expect a higher level of competition, both on the field and in the judging room at Championship Tournaments. 
  • World Championship - This event is the culmination of the season. To compete in this event, teams must meet the qualification requirements as defined by FIRST.
FIRST Tech Challenge Affiliate Partners reserve the right to limit the numbers of teams attending any of these tournaments. Neither FIRST nor the local FIRST Tech Challenge Affiliate Partner can guarantee a tournament in your area, even if you have registered with FIRST.