2024-2025 Teams

Below are the Pennsylvania FIRST Tech Challenge teams registered with FIRST for the 2024-2025 Season.

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Congratulations to these teams for achieving season milestones this season!

10 Seasons

9791 Divide by Zero

Teams Table

Team # Team Name Organization Location First Year Season Count Website
6549 Whoa!Bots Sewickley Academy Sewickley, PA 2012 13 website
8468 The Javengers Family/Community Mechanicsburg, PA 2014 9 website
9791 Divide by Zero Family/Community Lansdale, PA 2015 10
12792 Sharon High Robotics Team Sharon Middle High School Sharon, PA 2017 8 website
16011 Fayette County 4H Fayette County 4-H Robotics Club Uniontown, PA 2018 7
16269 Guthrie Geeks Guthrie Memorial Library Hanover, PA 2018 7 website
23744 Mon Valley Mammoths Family/Community Monessen, PA 2023 2
23932 Esperanza Toros Esperanza Acad Chtr HS Philadelphia, PA 2023 2
25661 Mon Valley CyberTooth Tigers Family/Community Monessen, PA 2024 1
25671 Purple Dragon Family/Community Souderton, PA 2024 1
25795 Architechs Family/Community Mechanicsburg, PA 2024 1
25816 Phalanx Southern Lehigh Middle School Center Valley, PA 2024 1
26001 Vision Cyborg Huskies Vision Academy CS East Lansdowne, PA 2024 1

Teams by Season

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