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Jump Start! Johnstown

The Design It!, Build It!, Program It!, and Drive It! are a series of teams-helping-teams workshops to help teams start or advance their robot design, build, and programming skills, as well as providing practice time on the field. Coaches, mentors, lead students, and volunteers will work directly with teams to help them prepare for their first scrimmage or Tournament. Jump Start! is a single workshop combining aspects of the above series tailored to the needs of the attending teams.
  • Design It! is focused on game strategy and robot design, with initial robot building.
  • Build It! continues the robot build process with help for initial programming.
  • Program It! is focused on programming in either Java/Android Studio, OnBot Java, or Blocks. Bring a laptop that either is or can be set up for one of the development environments.
  • Drive It! provides the opportunity to test and tweak your robot on a full competition field. Practice with and against other teams.
  • Jump Start! brings elements of Design It!, Build It!, and Program It! together tailored to the attending teams needs.
Share your expertise with other teams! Contact ftc.events@pennfirst.org if you would like to present/lead/support a topic area at any these workshops. Non-robot/programming topic areas are also welcomed, including engineering notebook, judging, fund raising, outreach, etc.

Be sure to bring your robot parts, tools and laptops to the workshops.

Event Information

Saturday September 22, 2018

University Room at the Living Learning Center
450 Schoolhouse Rd
Johnstown, PA 15094

Note: The Living Learning Center is in B-1 of the Campus Map

Registration is required
Registration closes 1 week before the event date

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  Teams Arrive and Check-in
9:15  Workshop Sessions Begins
 12:00  Lunch
 1:00  Workshop Sessions Resume
3:00  Event Complete
The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown will provide lunch (pizza) for workshop guests.

Team Powered
This event is hosted and managed by:
FTC Team 8645 Robotic Doges
Contact and follow them through facebook, their website, or twitter