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Southwestern Pennsylvania Regional Qualifying Tournament

2012-2013 Southwestern Pennsylvania Regional Qualifying Tournament

Event Information

Date / Time
February 9, 2013  7:00 am - 4:30 pm

John Jay Center Building (Campus Map #36)
Registration is closed 

The event followed the agenda described on the Tournaments page.

Participating Teams 

Count Team # Name School / Organization Location
1 796 Wolves The Harley School Rochester, NY
2 1001 Hacksaw Brush High School Lyndhurst, OH
3 3900 Return of Comet Donati Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy Pittsburgh, PA
4 4127 BSOD Hudson STEM Alliance Peninsula, OH
5 4149 Terabytes Terabytes Murrysville, PA
6 4494 WolverBots  West Geauga High School West Geauga, OH
7 4933 Short Circuits II City Charter HS Pittsburgh, PA
8 5319 Wolverines Buffalo Academy of Science Englewood, OH
9 5453 N2AsEr Young Innovators Society Solon, OH
10 5526 Quasics Gateway High School Monroeville, PA
11 5754 Marburn Marbotics Marburn Academy Columbus, OH
12 5799 Psycho Circuit McKeesport Area High School McKeesport, PA
13 5892 Future Bionic Innovations 4-H Medina County , OH
14 5927 Haphaestans Bloomfield First Robotics, Inc. Bloomfield, NY
15 5933 Legacy Young Innovators Society Solon, OH
16 6022 TBD Aurora City Schools Aurora, OH
17 6048 Girls in Black Hudson STEM Alliance / Rockwell Automation Hudson, OH
18 6154 Bot Masters Girl Scouts/ Boy Scouts Merrick, NY
19 6258 Wyoming Seminary Prep School  Wyoming Seminary Upper School Kingston, PA
20 6335 Kirtland Hornets Kirtland High School Kirtland, OH
21 6440 The Metallic Controllers Horizon Science Academy Cleveland HS Cleveland, OH
22 6488 SHARP Sarah Heinz House Pittsburgh, PA
23 6549 Whoa!Bots Sewickley Academy Sewickley, PA
24 6640 Mad Hatters Shady Side Academy Pittsburgh, PA
25 6749 Iron Penguins Southern Local Jr/Sr HS Salineville, OH
26 6835 Propel Propel School McKeesport McKeesport, PA
27 6442 Cyberzon Horizon Science Academy Columbus HS Columbus, OH

Tournament Results

Competition Results

Winning Alliance
    Captain: 6022 TBD 
    1st selected :4127 BSOD
    2nd selected: 6749 Iron Penguins

Finalist Alliance
    Captain: 4149 Terabytes 
    1st selected: 6048 Girls In Black
    2nd selected: 3900 Return of Comet Donati

Winning Alliance

    6022 TBD, Aurora City Schools, Aurora, OH
        4127 BSOD, Hudson STEM Alliance, Peninsula, OH
            6749 Iron Penguins, Southern Local Jr/Sr HS, Salineville, OH

Finalist Alliance

    4149 Terabytes, Murrysville, PA
        6048 Girls In Black, Hudson STEM Alliance / Rockwell Automation, Hudson, OH
            3900 Return of Comet Donati,Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy, Pittsburgh, PA

Judged Awards

Motivate Award

The Motivate Award recognizes outstanding team spirit shown though costumes and outfits, team support, and other methods of standing out and raising attention. Teams that reach out to their schools and community to raise awareness of FIRST and their FTC efforts have done so in a variety of cool and inventive methods - this winner is no exception. Here is what the judges had to say:

This first year team works incredibly well together and has a well designed robot. They are spirited and enthusiastic putting in many extra hours of work. They could be heard cheering on the others in the competition today and you may have even seen them on the news.

Team 6440 The Metallic Controllers, Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School, Cleveland, OH

Connect Award

The Connect Award is a bit different than the Motivate Award. Winners of the Connect Award have done a great deal of community outreach not only to spread the word about FIRST but specifically to include engineers, scientists, and other technology professionals into their outreach efforts. This creates connections between teams, FIRST, and the professional world that can last years beyond their participation in FTC. Connect Award winners also develop and execute plans to fund their team including clear goals and objectives - including how they can give back to their community in the future. Here is what the judges had to say:

This team doesn't hide it's light behind shades. They spread the message of FIRST broadly throughout their community, from working with FLL teams to the Girl Scouts. Agent J would be very proud of these girls.

Team 6048 Girls in Black, Hudson STEM Alliance / Rockwell Automation, Hudson, OH

Rockwell Collins Innovate Award

The Rockwell Collins Innovate Award is robot specific. It celebrates teams who come up with innovate solutions to the Game Challenge that most others have overlooked. These solutions can't just look good - they've got to work... at least most of the time. Historically, some of the most innovative breakthroughs in science and technology have come when fresh thinking is applied to a known problem. This year's Rockwell Collins Innovate Award winners demonstrated that type of thinking. Here is what the judges had to say:

This team spreads the word of FIRST to corporations big and small, from engineering to entertainment. They designed the robot for simplicity's sake, eliminating excess moving parts and servos. To avoid computer crashes, they engineered a mechanical indicator to avoid the pitfalls of a programming sensor.

Team 4127 BSOD, Hudson STEM Alliance, Peninsula, OH

PTC Design Award

We are happy that PTC has offered to sponsor the PTC Design Award. The intent of this award is to expand the challenge, inspiring teams to incorporate industrial design into their robots. These elements can be shown in the simplicity of the design as it applies to the tasks, the look and feel of the robot, and how the design allows us to think of robots in new ways. The Design aspects must serve a function - but they should also differentiate the robot in a unique fashion - not an easy task with a limited set of parts and game challenge. Here is what the judges had to say:

This team continuously developed their robot after experiencing bumps in the road at other competitions. Their robot performed well and is structurally sound. As a result, their tread design and unique ramp deployment has clearly stood out among the best.

Team 5754 Marburn Marbotics, Marburn Academy, Columbus, OH

Think Award

Every team at this event has had to think - hopefully a lot. The Think Award recognizes the team that has successfully thought, organized, and documented their journey from their starting point to their final design. The engineering notebook is the record of this journey. Just like in real life, teams that can document their process have the best chance at learning from it and improving on it. Here is what the judges had to say:

Through a series of photographs and documentation, the team's notebook demonstrated a collaborative effort in designing a competitive robot. The team effectively utilized a task/reflection format to document and guide the design process. Their engineering notebook included a creative mix of photographs, sketches and caricatures that documented their effort, spirit and teamwork.

Team 5526 Quasics,Gateway High School, Monroeville, PA

Inspire Award

The Inspire Award is the highest award given by FTC. The winner of the Inspire Award is automatically eligible for advancement to the next tournament level. The Inspire Award winner is the 'prototype' for what we'd like to see all teams achieve as part of the FIRST Tech Challenge. They do many of the things mentioned in the other awards. The difference is that they've tied these together in a comprehensive manner resulting in success in the competition, outreach to the community, robot design, team spirit, and engineering accomplishment. That's a tall order but we've got some great candidates for this award today. Here is what the judges had to say:

This inspirational team displays excellence in every award category. Their innovative design and creative implementation of sensors has given them a legacy of success in multiple competitions. They'll need to double their storage capacity in order to hold their new bilingual robotics curriculum. Yes this team has gone multinational!

Team 4149 Terabytes, Murrysville, PA

2nd Runner-up: Team 6048 Girls In Black       3rd Runner-up: Team 4127 BSOD

Judge's Award

The Judges Award is given at the discretion of the judges to a team they have encountered whose unique efforts, performance or dynamics merit recognition, yet the team does not fit into any of the existing award categories. Here is what the judges had to say:

This rookie team expressed pride in their first competitive robot design. They decided on a simple design based on available supplies,while trying to build a competitive robot. Their involvement has inspired all of the team members to continue their involvement in FTC after graduation and will be back next year mentoring underclassmen in their school.

Team 6442 Cyberzon, Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School, Cleveland, OH

Advancing to the Pennsylvania FTC Championship Tournament

The following teams earned their way to the 2012-2013 Pennsylvania FTC Championship Tournament:

 Rank Team # Team Name Award
6022 TBD Winning Alliance Captain
 Girls In Black
 Inspire Award 2nd place
 Winning Alliance, 1st team selected
 Iron Penguins
 Winning Alliance, 2nd team selected
 Think Award
 Return of Comet Donati
 Finalist Alliance, 2nd team selected
 Marburn Marbotics
 PTC Design Award