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Philadelphia Meets

2012-2013 Philadelphia Meets

Philadelphia Schools participated in a meet format pilot to test an alternative format to the standard day-long tournaments. 

Thanks to the Philadelphia teams who participated in this pilot for FIRST!

1/30/2013 PA Inaugural Meet Format Teams

5488 Robodragons
6676 Crimson
6677 Warriors
5320 Gold
5224 Boys' Latin Robotics
6606 Dobbins-AWF 

1/31/2013 PA Inaugural Meet Format Teams

6552 Northeast Robotics
5505 Frankford
5321 TechHeroes
6540 Lincoln
5323 Technobots
5506 Robo Jaguars
5507 Brookbots
6884 TechSidekick

The teams competed and collected both Qualifying and Ranking Points as are presently awarded. At the end of the meet, teams were ranked based first on Qualifying Points won, and if there were ties, Ranking Points served as tie breakers. The points earned under this format determined the competition winner and standings at that meet.

In order to qualify for Pennsylvania State Championship selection, teams must compete in a minimum of 3 meets. Teams kept their scores (both Qualifying and Ranking Points) from each meet. The average of these two scores (total points earned in each category/number of meets attended) was weighted 50% toward team selection to Pennsylvania State Championships.

See Robot Meets for full details of this competition format.

Competition Scores

Philadelphia Meet Scores

Advancing to the Pennsylvania FTC Championship Tournament

The six (6) teams who earned their way to the 2012-2013 Pennsylvania FTC Championship Tournament:


Team #
Team Name


Freire Charter School



Northeast Robotics
Northeast High School



The Roboneers
Frankford High School



RoboLancers Crimson

Central High School



Boys' Latin of Philadelphia


RoboLancers Gold

Central High School