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South Central Pennsylvania Regional Qualifying Tournament

South Central Pennsylvania Regional Qualifying Tournament
Penn State York Campus
York, PA
Saturday January 21, 2012


Team # Name School / Organization Location
61 Ozone Oxford Robotics Club Oxford, PA
3489 Mind in Gear Minds in Gear Robotics Phoenixville, PA
4077 MASH Friends of 401 West Vincent Township, PA
4134 Dynamic Robotics Chester Country Homeschool Robotics Club St. Peters, PA
4154 Ozone 2 Oxford Robotics Club Oxford, PA
4285 Blitzerbots Blitzerbots Elizabethtown, PA
4311 Watt the Hex Say Watt Robotics Edison, NJ
4347 Nano Gurus Nano Gurus Morris Plains, NY
4407 YSATM/Trojan Horse York Suburban High SChool York, PA
4433 Smokin' Motors Conrad Weiser High School Robesonia, PA
4498 Robo Warriors Mifflin County HS and JC Penny Lewistown, PA
4856 Minnie MASH Friends of 401 West Vincent Township, PA
4977 Lan Lords Lancaster FTC Millersville, PA
4999 Imagine It Imagine It Robotics Palmyra, PA
5485 PRO Corning Incorporated Corning, NY

Tournament Results

Judged Awards

Motivate Award
Every team demonstrated great spirit, but this team was regal, flag waving and were louder than the DJ!  The winner of the motivate award is Team 4498 - Robo Warriors, Lewistown, PA.

Connect Award
The finalists in their outreach in the community were impressive in their promotion of Science, Engineering, Math, Technology and FIRST...Using Radio, TV, the Internet and meeting in places like bowling alleys and the malls, these teams went above and beyond to CONNECT. But the winner, although small in name, was large in outreach.  The winner of the connect award is Team 4347 - Nano Gurus, Morris Plains, NY.

PTC Design Award
Aesthetics and functional elements distinguish this design. Simple, creative yet functional is the key. The finalists nudged the bowling ball, gripped the competition and conveyed their design in new ways. But the Winner was really "Smokin" (in a good way).  The winner of the PTC design award is Team 4433 - Smokin' Motors, Robesonia, PA.

Rockwell Collins Innovate Award
The finalists swept the competition, elevated us to new heights and reached out to grab their points! The winner however regally spun us around with their software and ideas.  The winner of the Rockwell Collins innovate award is Team 4977 - Lan Lords, Millersville, PA.

Think Award
The award is given to the team that best communicated their journey! After all, what good is thinking it, if you cannot communicate it! The finalists were real experts and raised some bushy eyebrows - so it was hard to Imagine how to choose a winner...  The winner of the Think Award is Team 4999 - Imagine It, Palmyra, PA.

Judges Award
Not just sports has their superstars! This team is always ready to cheer... They demonstrated their robot in libraries, started FLL and FTC teams in schools and got invited to the Big House... the White House! For Public Relations and Promoting FIRST, we award it to Team 3489 - Minds in Gear, Coatesville, PA.

Inspire Award
The two other finalists were (3) 4498 - Robo Warriers and (2) 3489 - Minds in Gear. Every team here inspired the Judges! You got up early, drove through a snow storm, and stuck through it all. But one team, for their size, they really reached for the stars and inspired us for performance beyond their "Ears".  The winner of the inspire award is Team 4856 - Minnie Mash, West Vincent Township, PA.

Competition Results

Winning Alliance
Captain: 4347 - Nano Gurus
Partner: 4285 - Blitzerbots

Finalist Alliance
Captain: 4999 - Imagine It!
Partner: 4498 - Robo Warriers

Advancing to the Pennsylvania State FTC Championship

The second set of six teams who earned their way to the 2011-2012 Pennsylvania State FTC Championship:

 Rank Team # Team Name Award
 1 4856  Minnie Mash Inspire Award
 2 4347  Nano Gurus  Winning Alliance, Captain
 3 3489  Minds in Gear Inspire Award, 2nd Place
 4 4285  Blitzerbots Winning Alliance, 1st Selected
 5 4498  Robo Warriers Inspire Award, 3rd Place
 6 4999  Imagine It! Think Award Winner