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Philadelphia City Qualifying Tournament

Philadelphia City Qualifying Tournament
West Philadelphia Promise Academy
Philadelphia, PA
Saturday February 4, 2012


Team # Name School / Organization Location
229 Tesla Upper Dublin High School Robotics Fort Washington, PA
230 Ampere Upper Dublin High School Robotics Fort Washington, PA
712 Phoenix RoboWorks Phoenixville Area High School Phoenixville, PA
3795 Jag Wired Garnet Valley Schools Glen Mills, PA
4884 Franklins Fire Franklin Institute Philadelphia, PA
4977 Lan Lords Lancaster Robotics Millersville, PA
5224 Deus Ex Machina Boys Latin of Philadelphia Charter School Philadelphia, PA
5320 SDP Central High School Philadelphia, PA
5321 Tech Heroes George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science Philadelphia, PA
5322 The A-Team West Philadelphia High School Philadelphia, PA
5323 GHS TechBots Philadelphia High School for Girls Philadelphia, PA
5440 Jag Rewired Garnet Valley Schools Glen Mills, PA
5488 Robo Dragons 2 Freire Charter School Philadelphia, PA
5505 Frankford Pioneers Frankford High School Philadelphia, PA
5506 Dat Jawn!! University City High School Philadelphia, PA
5506 Dat Jawn!! University City High School Philadelphia, PA
5507 Brook Bots Overbrook High School Philadelphia, PA
5508 Roxbots Roxborough High School Philadelphia, PA
5511 Gear Up Edison High School Philadelphia, PA

Tournament Results

Judged Awards

Motivate Award
This team was an extremely enthusiastic embodiment if the FTC spirit and principles. These young ladies constructed a great team and robot. We are pleased to present the Motivate Award to Team 5323 Techno Bots, Girls High, Philadelphia, PA

Connect Award
This team has established connections that will further them in life, They have electrified younger groups to start FIRST LEGO League teams. They also received a grant to further their studies and hopefully one day get sponsored by NASA. The winner of the connect award is Team 229 Tesla, Fort Washington, PA.

PTC Design Award
It's not "shocking" that this team PTC designs "ran laps" around the others. Minimizing the complexity of their bot helped "lift them" to the top. When they weren't engineering they were busy "rocking out" at fundraising concerts. The PTC Design Award goes to Team 230 Ampere, Fort Washington, PA.

Rockwell Collins Innovate Award
This team had a unique and sophisticated design that demonstrated intellect and out of box thinking. This team "owned" the grounds of innovation and strategy. They were the Lords of innovation. The winner of the Rockwell Collins innovate award is Team 4977 LanLords, Millersville, PA.

Think Award
This team had a very eloquent notebook with each sub-team having a separate section. Diagrams exhibited their 'tech' thinking process and their heroic odyssey. The winner of the Think Award is Team 5321 - Tech Heros, George Washington Carver High School, Philadelphia, PA.

Inspire Award
The two other finalists were (3) 5320 - SDP and (2) 230 - Ampere. This team rose to the highest level in every FTC judged category. This team was recognized for alternative strategies, excellence in helping other teams and overall quality of their programs. We are pleased to present the 2012 Philadelphia City Qualifier Inspire Award to Team 712 RoboWorks, Phoenixville Area High School, Phoenixville, PA

Competition Results

Winning Alliance
Captain: 5511 - Gear Up
Partner: 712 - Robo Works

Finalist Alliance
Captain: 4977 - Lan Lords
Partner: 3795 - Jag Wired

Advancing to the Pennsylvania State FTC Championship

The third set of six teams who earned their way to the 2011-2012 Pennsylvania State FTC Championship:

 Rank Team # Team Name Award
 1 712  Robo Works  Inspire Award
 2 5511  Gear Up  Winning Alliance, Captain
 3 230  Ampere  Inspire Award, 2nd Place
 4 5320  SDP  Inspire Award, 3rd Place
 5 5321  Tech Heroes  Think Award
 6 4977  Lan Lords  Finalist Alliance, Captain