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Pennsylvania FTC Championship Tournament

Pennsylvania FTC Championship Tournament
Pennsylvania College of Technology
Williamsport, PA
Saturday February 25, 2012


Team # Name School / Organization Location
61 Ozone Oxford Robotics Club  Oxford, PA
365 MOE First State Robotics Wilmington, DE
534 Star Techs Logan County Schools Logan, WV
609 Drago Droids Central Jersey College Prep Somerset, NJ
712 RoboWorks Phoenixville Area High School Phoenixville, PA
3489 Minds in Gear Minds in Gear Robotics Coatesville, PA
3539 Say Watt? Say Watt Robotics Edison, NJ
4077 MASH Friends of 401 West Vincent Township, PA
4082 RoboSpartans New Hartford RoboSpartan Robotics  New Hartford, NY
4102 Cougars Columbia High School - CHS Robotics Club Maplewood, NJ
4127 BSOD  Hudson Stem Alliance/Rockwell Automation Peninsula, OH
4149 Terabytes Terabytes Murrysville, PA
4154 Ozone 2 Oxford Robotics Club  Oxford, PA
4185 Silver Soldiers OJR Robotics/Lockheed Martin North Coventry, PA
4220 Landroids Livingston Robotics Club Livingston, NJ
4285 Blitzerbots Blitzerbots Elizabethtown, PA
4347 Nano Gurus Nano Gurus Morris Plains, NY
4362 Pinheads Friends School Robotics Baltimore, MD
4433 Smokin' Motors Conrad Weiser High School Robesonia, PA
4468 Colts Cloverleaf Local Schools Lodi, OH 
4498 Robo Warriers Mifflin County HS and JC Penny Lewistown, PA
4856 Minnie MASH Friends of 401 West Vincent Township, PA
4977 Lan Lords Lancaster FTC Millersville, PA
4999 Imagine It Imagine It Robotics Palmyra, PA
5169 Watts Up Say Watt Robotics Edison, NJ
5320 SDP Central High School  Philadelphia, PA
5321 Tech Heroes George Washington Carver High School Philadelphia, PA
5356 Tardis Corning Incorporated Corning, NY
5505 Robineers Frankford High School  Philadelphia, PA
5511 Gear Up Edison High School  Philadelphia, PA

Tournament Results

Judged Awards

Motivate Award
The three finalists are: 4082 RoboSpartans, 4149 Terabytes, 4856 Minnie MASH

This group has an eye like a hawk. Despite your impression, they don’t work on a small scale. Those with an extra set of ears – LISTEN UP!  The Motivate Award is presented to Team 4856 Minnie MASH.

Connect Award
Three finalists are: 3489 Minds in Gear, 4077 MASH, 4102 CHS Cougars

Today’s winner helped multiple teams to start. This second year team helped multiple outreaches to help FIST to CATch on in their community. The competition for this award was tough but one team CLAWED its way to the top. The Connect Award is presented to Team 4102 CHS Cougars.

PTC Design Award
The three finalists are: 4149 Terabytes, 4220 Landroids, 5321 Tech Heroes

They are a NETWORK of fine young people from New Jersey. For the Design Award, these are the DROIDS we were looking for. The PTC Design Award is presented to Team 4220 Landroids.

Rockwell Collins Innovate Award
The three finalists are: 4185 Silver Soldiers, 4220 Landroids, 5169 Watts Up?

This team’s innovative design allowed them to score multiple crates. Their unique mechanical approach really stacked up well against the competition. In recognition of their out-of-box thinking, the judges are awarding them, not with the Silver, but with the Gold! The Rockwell Collins Innovate Award is presented to Team 4185 Silver Soldiers.

Think Award
The three finalists are: 3489 Minds in Gear, 4149 Terabytes, 4220 Landroids

Starting with an ancient design which had problems, this team shifted their focus to a mechanism that runs like a fine tuned transmission. This team’s enthusiasm and attention to detail could warm the HARDEST of hearts like a Franklin Stove once warmed the White House. The Think Award is presented to Team 3489 Minds in Gear.

Judges Award
The three finalists are: 4149 Terabytes, 5321 Tech Heroes, 5511 Gear Up

The judges saw many notable teams today, but particularly want to recognize this rookie team who overcame many challenges. They stayed together and came up with a simple yet competitive design. They had a plan and stayed with it; now they only need more team members to Gear Up!  The Judges Award for “Success under Adversity” is awarded to Team 5511 Gear Up!

Inspire Award
We are pleased to recognize a powerful performance from a first time entrant made up of very bright students, from a very bright town, who linking diverse arm, and more than a couple of mechanical ones as well, helped SPARKS fly and crafted a robot foe worthy of MEGATRON. WATT more can be said? The Inspire Award goes to Team 5169 Watt’s Up?

The 2nd place Inspire Award team is: Team 4856 Minnie MASH
The 3rd place Inspire Award team is: Team 4102 CHG Cougars

Competition Results

Winning Alliance
Captain: 4185 - Silver Soldiers
Partner 1: 4468 - Colts
Partner 2: 4102 - Cougars

Finalist Alliance
Captain: 4220 - Landroids
Partner 1: 365 - MOE
Partner 2: 4077 - MASH

Advancing to the World FTC Championship

The three teams who earned their way to the 2011-2012 FTC World Championship:

 Rank Team # Team Name Award
 1 5169 Watts Up? Inspire Award
 2 4185 Silver Soldiers Winning Alliance, Captain
 3 4856 Minnie MASH Inspire Award, 2nd Place