Pennsylvania FTC Championship

2020-2021 Season - Remote Championship Tournament

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Tuesday May 18, 2021 - Sunday May 23, 2021

Remote Event

Remote Scoring System

Virtual Sessions

Opening Ceremonies (Tue 7:30 pm): (virtual event complete)
Drivers Meeting (Fri 7:30 pm): (virtual event complete)
Awards & Closing Ceremonies (Sun 4:00 pm): (virtual event complete)

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Open Ceremonies – Event Recording
Open Ceremonies – Slides
Awards & Closing Ceremonies – Slides

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Tuesday7:30 PMOpening Ceremonies
Wednesday12:00 AMCompetition Submission Window Opens
12:00 AMJudging Materials Submission Window Opens
Friday7:30 PMDrivers Meeting
Saturday7:00 AMJudging Materials Submission Window Closes
AMJudging Interviews
PMFollow-up Judging
Sunday12:00 PMCompetition Submission Window Closes
4:00 PMAwards & Closing Ceremonies

Team Registration Information

Participating Teams

Team #Team NameOrganizationLocationLeagueAdvancement Award
4149TerabytesIndependentPlum, PAWesternHighest Ranked Team
6378JayBotsCentral Columbia High SchoolBloomsburg, PACentralInnovate Award Winner
6931The Substantial Monocephalic BrainSTEM Robotics TeamBrainSTEM LearningBaden, PAWesternHighest Ranked Team
6964IgutechNeighborhood TeamBethlehem, PACentralHighest Ranked Team
7244OUT of the BOXOUT of the BOX RoboticsCoatesville, PAEasternInspire Award Winner
7314Sab-BOT-ageDowningtown Area RoboticsGlenmoore, PAEasternHighest Ranked Team
8393The Giant Diencephalic BrainSTEM Robotics TeamBrainSTEM LearningBaden, PAWesternHighest Ranked Team
8645Robotic DogesLaurel Highlands Education and RoboticsHollsopple, PAWesternInspire Award Winner
9242GearHoundsYork Country Day SchoolYork, PACentralHighest Ranked Team
9791Divide by ZeroFriends and FamilyLansdale, PAEasternHighest Ranked Team
100982 Eyed IlluminatiUnionville Chadds-Ford School DistrictWest Chester, PAEasternConnect Award Winner
11349VorTechSchool District of Lancaster - McCaskey CampusLancaster, PACentralHighest Ranked Team
12564TechnionCommunityMechanicsburg, PACentralInspire Award Winner
12593YantrikCommunity TeamBridgeville, PAWesternHighest Ranked Team
13474MARS: Curiosity?CommunityMars, PAWesternConnect Award Winner
13669RaiderbotsCoatesville Area School DistrictCoatesville, PAEasternHighest Ranked Team
14130To Be DeterminedFamily/CommunityLancaster, PACentralHighest Ranked Team
14133Lansdale Catholic Junior CrusadersLansdale CatholicLansdale, PAEasternHighest Ranked Team
14423RoboCornsDowningtown Area RoboticsExton, PAEasternInspire Award 2nd place
14464AI RoboticsHomeMechanicsburg, PACentralHighest Ranked Team
16330JavengersPACARMechanicsburg, PACentralHighest Ranked Team
16468Green LemonsCharles F. Patton Middle SchoolWest Chester, PAEasternHighest Ranked Team
16564Digital DevilsCentral Cambria FTCEbensburg, PAWesternHighest Ranked Team
18053Before OrangeFamilyPittsburgh, PAWesternInspire Award 2nd place

Event Results

Competition Results

Top Placing Teams

  1. 8393 The Giant Diencephalic BrainSTEM Robotics Team
  2. 7244 OUT of the BOX
  3. 13669 Raiderbots
  4. 16330 Javengers
  5. 16468 Green Lemons
  6. 12593 Yantrik

Team Rankings

Team Rankings for the Qualification Matches

QP Quality Points; RP Ranking Points; TBP Tie Breaker Points; Highest / HS Highest Match Score

RankTeam #Team NameRPTBP1TBP2HSPlayed
18393The Giant Diencephalic BrainSTEM Robotics Team31586591956236
27244OUT of the BOX29967291955736
516468Green Lemons18774864553606
714464AI Robotics16704805102946
98645Robotic Doges16114114302886
1018053Before Orange15264142002696
116931The Substantial Monocephalic BrainSTEM Robotics Team14434141253106
1216564Digital Devils14014084152666
1614133Lansdale Catholic Cyber Crusaders12024082402346
189791Divide by Zero10094013301946
20100982 Eyed Illuminati9603422502476
2114130To Be Determined6642132751596
2313474MARS: Curiosity?5391831801176

Judged Awards

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Compass Award

Phil Szymanowski of
14133 Lansdale Catholic Junior Crusaders
- Winner

Award Details

Promote Award

12593 Yantrik - Winner

Award Details

Design Award

18053 Before Orange - Winner

14130 To Be Determined - 2nd Place

6931 The Substantial Monocephalic BrainSTEM Robotics Team - 3rd Place

Award Details

Motivate Award

13474 MARS: Curiosity? - Winner

16564 Digital Devils - 2nd Place

14423 RoboCorns - 3rd Place

Award Details

Control Award sponsored by Arm, Inc.

6931 The Substantial Monocephalic BrainSTEM Robotics Team - Winner

16330 Javengers - 2nd Place

12564 Technion - 3rd Place

Award Details

Collins Aerospace Innovate Award

8393 The Giant Diencephalic BrainSTEM Robotics Team - Winner

4149 Terabytes - 2nd Place

6378 JayBots - 3rd Place

Award Details

Connect Award

10098 2 Eyed Illuminati - Winner

13474 MARS: Curiosity? - 2nd Place

8645 Robotic Doges - 3rd Place

Award Details

Think Award

8645 Robotic Doges - Winner

7244 OUT of the BOX - 2nd Place

16330 Javengers - 3rd Place

Award Details

Dean's List Finalists

Kush Bandi of
8393 The Giant Diencephalic BrainSTEM Robotics Team
- Finalist

Celina Whitmer of
18053 Before Orange
- Finalist

Kavish Saini of
7244 OUT of the BOX
- Finalist

Award Details

Inspire Award

7244 OUT of the BOX - Winner

8393 The Giant Diencephalic BrainSTEM Robotics Team - 2nd Place

10098 2 Eyed Illuminati - 3rd Place

Award Details


The 2021 FIRST Championships were not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.