Blocks Programming Webinar #3

2020-2021 Season - Virtual Webinar - Debugging Techniques

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Sunday November 15, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Blocks Programming Webinars

The Blocks Programming Webinar is a series of 5 webinars, each covering a different topic. Jim Rumbaugh, Pennsylvania FTC Head FTA, is hosting these webinars. They are designed to help rookie FTC teams get started with using BLOCKS to program the robot. It is also good for members of more experienced teams who want to learn more about robot programming. Each webinar will focus on a specific topic.


Each webinar starts at 7:00 PM (ET) and last for one hour

  • Sunday November 1, 2020 – Introduction & Simple Teleop
  • Sunday November 8, 2020 – Autonomous Programming
  • Sunday November 15, 2020 – Debugging Techniques
  • Sunday November 22, 2020 – Using Sensors & Vuforia
  • Sunday December 6, 2020 – Using Functions
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