FTC PA 2022-23 Season Blast #9 – Event Registration and Volunteering

Hello Teams and Volunteers,

This is the 9th in the continuing series of Pennsylvania FIRST Robotics emails. If you think you may have missed any of our previous email blasts, they can be found on our website in the COMMUNICATION Archives.


We hope you are all well and working diligently to get ready to compete in this FTC Power Play Season!

Thank you to all of those teams that promptly registered for Qualifiers as well as Scrimmages and Workshops in the last 4 weeks. So far, we have about 80% of FIRST Registered teams in Pennsylvania also registered for FTC PA Events, especially the Qualifiers. If you have not yet registered your team for an event please do so promptly.

We will be assigning teams with P2, P3 and beyond status very soon for our December 17 and 18 qualifiers. Per our “Processing Event Registration Requests” procedure, any open slots at a Qualifier are offered to teams on Waitlists starting 6 weeks before the Qualifier date. The Priority 1 Waitlist is processed first, then the Priority 2 Waitlist, and so on until all slots at the event are filled. This means that we will start inviting teams on the waitlists to the Eastern and Red and Black Qualifiers this coming Monday, Nov 7th . If you have not registered for any events yet and want to make one of these your first priority there are still open slots for you to fill as P1.


We will also be posting the “Preference” lists on each individual event page on our website in the next week, so please stay tuned.

One additional reminder is that we will be holding the FTC Field Day @ Ramp Riot XXII, this Saturday, Nov 5th at Wissahickon High School. We are not full at this time   so there is room for any teams that may want to participate. Please let us know ASAP or simply go ahead and register for it.

This FTC Field Day is held in coordination with the Ramp Riot FRC off-season competition hosted by Team 341 Miss Daisy. Many of you will recognize this addition and have participated in the past. It is Pennsylvania FIRST Robotics traditional launch event for the scrimmage and competition season. It will be a loose and fun filled day; a combination of Robot Build and Field Practice with informal, friendly competition. Judging guidance and feedback will be provided to teams as well! A vast array of lunch times and snacks will be available for purchase benefiting FRC Team 341, Miss Daisy: Building People Since 1999. Consider volunteering too.


Please register for this and the many other Events on our schedule.


Please carefully read the Event Participation Policy:


Then follow the instructions on our Event Registration page and associated form.


Call for Volunteers:

Please, and as always, we would love all of you to personally join us and to recruit aggressively and widely to assist us in expanding our reach. The response to our requests has not been as robust as we would prefer to this point, so please consider events that you may be able to volunteer at as soon as you can. Volunteer opportunities abound!  Please find this schedule for all seasonal events on our website. As always, we welcome back our awesome regional volunteers who participated with us in past years, but also welcome new volunteers from family, friends, the community and businesses alike. Please know that this is also a great opportunity for coaches, mentors and parents to get an insider’s perspective of how FTC events are conducted in our State and region. The perspectives and guidance gained will also translate into helping your own team and students to be successful. If you are already registered to volunteer, then thank you!

As with past years, we use the FIRST Event Volunteer Registration system for all of our events. Volunteering for an event is one of the options on your personal FIRST Dashboard on the http://www.firstinspires.org website. General Instructions detailed below.

Volunteer roles are defined in the link provided below. We welcome volunteers in all capacities, but especially in key roles such as Judging, Referees and Inspectors.


As always, please let us know if you have any questions or require additional information.

All the best,

Tom and the FTC PA Team!

Pennsylvania FIRST® Robotics
FIRST Tech Challenge® Program Delivery Partner
phone: (302) 383-9925
email: ftc@pennfirst.org
Website: www.FTCPenn.org