Team Robot Videos

Teams, record videos of your robot in action and share them on our website again this season! Head over to the Photos page to view photos and team robot videos, as well as to submit your robot videos for publication on our website. Your robot videos can be of practice matches, matches at Remote or […]

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COVID-19 Policy

The COVID-19 Policy has been published. This policy defines the minimum COVID-19 safety and other requirements for all attendees of Traditional (in-person) Pennsylvania FTC events, including Qualifiers and the Pennsylvania FTC Championship. The policy addresses requirements for masks, social distancing, COVID-19 vaccinations, health checks, attendee limits, and other items. For some events, the venue owners,

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Welcome to!

Welcome to our new website. We welcome you to explore and Contact Us with any feedback you have. We are still tweaking things and are still in the process of migrating past season information, so thank you for your patience while we continue our work. We’ve made many improvements we think you will like,

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