COVID-19 Policy Updated

The COVID-19 Policy, which defines the minimum COVID-19 safety and other requirements for all attendees of Traditional (in-person) Pennsylvania FTC events, was updated. There were two minor updates:

  • The Vaccination section, Teams subsection was updated to clarify the primary team coach responsibilities.
  • The Team COVID-19 Form was added (previously listed as TBA). This form will be used the primary team coach to identify all in-person attendees and their vaccination / negative test status. The primary coach will sign the form, attesting to its accuracy, and present the completed form at the event Team Check-in.

As a reminder, there is a per team attendee limit in place. There is an overall per team attendee limit of twelve (12), which includes all coaches, mentors, students, and team guests. Within this twelve (12) attendee limit, there must be

  • at least one (1) coach,
  • at least one (1) student,
  • and a maximum of (3) team guests