Red Tornado Qualifier

2023-2024 Season - Qualifying Tournament

Event Information


Saturday January 27, 2024
7:45 am - 5:45 pm


McCaskey East High School
1051 Lehigh Ave
Lancaster, PA 17602


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7:00 AMVolunteers Arrive and Check-in
7:45 AMTeams Arrive and Check-in
8:00 AMRobot and Field Inspection Begins
8:20 AMJudge Interviews Begin
10:15 AMRobot and Field Inspection Ends
10:30 AMDrivers Meeting On Competition Field
10:45 AMQueue First 2 Matches
11:00 AMOpening Ceremonies
11:15 AMQualification Matches Begin
12:30 PMLunch Break
1:00 PMQualification Matches Resume
3:00 PMQualification Matches End
3:15 PMAlliance Selection
3:30 PMSemifinals Begin
4:30 PMFinals Begin
5:15 PMAwards and Closing Ceremonies
5:45 PMEvent Complete

Event Host

This event is hosted by the McCaskey East High School and FTC Teams 11349 VorTech, 17388 Red Tornadoes, and 22828 Jingle Bells.

Team Registration Information

Participating Teams

Team # Team Name Organization Location
6378 Jay Bots Central Columbia HS Bloomsburg, PA
8468 Javengers PACAR Mechanicsburg, PA
9791 Divide By Zero Family and Friends Lansdale, PA
10353 Metal Works Independent Team Lancaster, PA
11208 Kardia Robotics Kardia Learning Center Reading, PA
11349 VorTech McCaskey HS Campus Lancaster, PA
12792 Sharon High School Robotics Sharon High School Sharon, PA
14133 Junior Cyber Crusaders Lansdale Catholic High School Lansdale, PA
14464 Bot Busters AI Robotics Mechancisburg, PA
16087 Klinger Klippers Klinger Middle School Southampton, PA
16269 Guthrie Geeks Guthrie Memorial Library Hanover, PA
16466 Technological Intelligence Family/Community Harrisburg, PA
16776 MARS Opportunity! Mars Robotics Association Mars, PA
17388 Red Tornadoes McCaskey HS Campus Lancaster, PA
17596 Wolfpack Robotics Wilkes-Barre Area Robotics Wilkes-Barre, PA
20223 USC Dynamics USC Robotics Pittsburgh, PA
21357 ROGO USC Robotics Pittsburgh, PA
21364 First Try Independent York, PA
21619 Alternating Current The Episcopal Academy Newtown Square, PA
21620 Direct Current The Episcopal Academy Newtown Square, PA
22828 Cyclones McCaskey HS Campus Lancaster, PA
23528 Powerpuffs Charles F. Patton Middle School Kennett Square, PA
23598 Warwick Robotic Pretzels Warwick Middle School Lititz, PA
24483 Viking Robotics Upper Merion Area School District King of Prussia, PA

Event Results

Competition Results

Winning Alliance

9791 Divide By Zero - Captain

8468 Javengers

17388 Red Tornadoes

Finalist Alliance

14464 Bot Busters - Captain

11349 VorTech

16776 MARS Opportunity!

RankingsMatch Details
Elimination Bracket

Judged Awards

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Judges' Choice Award

21619 Alternating Current - Winner

Award Details

Design Award

14133 Junior Cyber Crusaders - Winner

16776 MARS Opportunity! - 2nd Place

16466 Technological Intelligence - 3rd Place

Award Details

Motivate Award

9791 Divide By Zero - Winner

17388 Red Tornadoes - 2nd Place

21357 ROGO - 3rd Place

Award Details

Control Award

16466 Technological Intelligence - Winner

14464 Bot Busters - 2nd Place

6378 Jay Bots - 3rd Place

Award Details

Innovate Award sponsored by RTX

12792 Sharon High School Robotics - Winner

11208 Kardia Robotics - 2nd Place

14133 Junior Cyber Crusaders - 3rd Place

Award Details

Connect Award

16776 MARS Opportunity! - Winner

8468 Javengers - 2nd Place

14464 Bot Busters - 3rd Place

Award Details

Think Award

11208 Kardia Robotics - Winner

8468 Javengers - 2nd Place

12792 Sharon High School Robotics - 3rd Place

Award Details

Inspire Award

8468 Javengers - Winner

12792 Sharon High School Robotics - 2nd Place

11208 Kardia Robotics - 3rd Place

Award Details


The teams in the table below advanced to the Pennsylvania FTC Championship at the time of this event.

The final list of teams advancing from this Qualifier is available on the Pennsylvania FTC Championship webpage. That final advancement list may be different than this initial advancement list due to changes in teams’ availability and eligibility. Advancements are awarded per FTC Game Manual 1 Order of Advancement.

Rank Team # Team Name Location Award
1 9791 Divide By Zero Lansdale, PA Winning Alliance Captain
2 12792 Sharon High School Robotics Sharon, PA Inspire Award 2nd place
3 11208 Kardia Robotics Reading, PA Inspire Award 3rd place
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