Keystone League Tournament

2021-2022 Season - Remote League Tournament

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Tuesday February 8, 2022 - Monday February 14, 2022

Remote Event

Remote Scoring System

Virtual Sessions

Opening Ceremonies (Tue 7:30 pm): (virtual event complete)
Awards & Closing Ceremonies (Mon 7:30 pm): (virtual event complete)

Event Materials

Opening Ceremonies – Slides
Awards & Closing Ceremonies – Slides
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Tuesday7:30 PMOpening Ceremonies
Wednesday12:00 AMCompetition Submission Window Opens
12:00 AMJudging Materials Submission Window Opens
Friday7:30 PMDrivers Meeting
Saturday7:00 AMJudging Materials Submission Window Closes
AMJudging Interviews
PMFollow-up Judging
Sunday11:59 PMCompetition Submission Window Closes
Monday7:30 PMAwards & Closing Ceremonies

Team Registration Information

Participating Teams

Team #Team NameOrganizationLocation
6378Jay BotsCentral Columbia High SchoolBloomsburg, PA
7244OUT of the BOX RoboticsOUT of the BOX RoboticsThorndale, PA
8468The JavengersPACARMechanicsburg, PA
8645Robotic DogesLaurel Highlands Education and RoboticsHolsopple, PA
9242GearhoundsYork Country Day SchoolYork, PA
100982 Eyed IlluminatiUnionville High SchoolChadds Ford, PA
10353Metal WorksFamily and FriendsLancaster, PA
11830rarBotsRed Lion Area Senior HighRed Lion, PA
12593YantrikCommunity TeamBridgeville, PA
13474MARS Curiosity?Mars Robotics AssociationMars, PA
13669RaiderbotsCoatesville Area Senior High SchoolCoatesville, PA
14382Flex Force OneCentre County 4H RoboticcsState College, PA
16011Fayette County 4HFayette County 4H Penn State ExtensionUniontown, PA
16354Phobos AresCentre County 4H RoboticsBellefonte, PA
16468Green LemonsUnionville Chadds-Ford School DIstrictWest Chester, PA
16762Raider RoboticsSeneca Valley Senior High SchoolHarmony, PA
16776MARS Opportunity!Mars Robotics AssociationMars, PA
17334Panthera RoboticaSaucon Valley High SchoolHellertown, PA
17457Shafer SharksBensalem Township School DistrictBensalem, PA
18035Reconnecting...CommunityChambersburg, PA
18603TeraBridgesStem4yinz LearningPittsburgh, PA
19374Happy Little EngineersPIE3/Elsner Engineering Inc.Hanover, PA
19821Apocalyptic Avocado AficionadosselfWest Chester, PA
20079MARS IngenuityMars Robotics AssociationMars, PA
20094Raiderbots SquaredCoatesville Area Senior High SchoolCoatesville, PA
20153Silver WolvesCharles F Patton Middle SchoolKennett Square, PA
20201The Mighty DucksCenter County 4H RoboticsState College, PA
20369EMCTEAMTECHEscuela Elvira M. Colón NegrónSanta Isabel, PR

Event Results

Competition Results

Top Placing Teams

  1. 8468 The Javengers
  2. 8645 Robotic Doges
  3. 20153 Silver Wolves
  4. 20094 Raiderbots Squared
  5. 12593 Yantrik
  6. 16468 Green Lemons

Team Rankings

Team Rankings for the Qualification Matches

QP Quality Points; RP Ranking Points; TBP Tie Breaker Points; Highest / HS Highest Match Score

RankTeam #Team NameRPTBP1TBP2HSPlayedCounted
18468The Javengers28097109662032415
28645Robotic Doges23766568671712415
320153Silver Wolves23477489181722415
420094Raiderbots Squared23456808731692415
616468Green Lemons22086677891721815
716011Fayette County 4H21516718911562415
87244OUT of the BOX Robotics21295757541882415
11100982 Eyed Illuminati19375428401512415
1217334Panthera Robotica18855857801462415
1413474MARS Curiosity?17634887581442415
1516762Raider Robotics17305167701282415
1616776MARS Opportunity!16503498341512415
1710353Metal Works16034088131492415
1816354Phobos Ares15723088281172415
1920201The Mighty Ducks15535405131262415
2019374Happy Little Engineers14342299641162415
226378Jay Bots1239250983942415
2414382Flex Force One11252646661122415
2620079MARS Ingenuity761199404882415
2717457Shafer Sharks502135152482415
2819821Apocalyptic Avocado Aficionados380130214361815

League Rankings

League Rankings as of this Meet

Judged Awards

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Judges' Choice Award

18035 Reconnecting... - Winner

Award Details

Design Award

9242 Gearhounds - Winner

10098 2 Eyed Illuminati - 2nd Place

20153 Silver Wolves - 3rd Place

Award Details

Motivate Award

10098 2 Eyed Illuminati - Winner

8468 The Javengers - 2nd Place

20079 MARS Ingenuity - 3rd Place

Award Details

Control Award sponsored by Arm, Inc.

20153 Silver Wolves - Winner

16468 Green Lemons - 2nd Place

16011 Fayette County 4H - 3rd Place

Award Details

Innovate Award sponsored by Raytheon Technologies

16468 Green Lemons - Winner

7244 OUT of the BOX Robotics - 2nd Place

8645 Robotic Doges - 3rd Place

Award Details

Connect Award

8645 Robotic Doges - Winner

13474 MARS Curiosity? - 2nd Place

16776 MARS Opportunity! - 3rd Place

Award Details

Think Award

7244 OUT of the BOX Robotics - Winner

8468 The Javengers - 2nd Place

13474 MARS Curiosity? - 3rd Place

Award Details

Inspire Award

8468 The Javengers - Winner

10098 2 Eyed Illuminati - 2nd Place

16468 Green Lemons - 3rd Place

Award Details


The teams in the table below advanced to the Pennsylvania FTC Championship at the time of this event.

The final list of teams advancing from this Qualifier is available on the Pennsylvania FTC Championship webpage. That final advancement list may be different than this initial advancement list due to changes in teams’ availability and eligibility. Advancements are awarded per FTC Game Manual 1 Order of Advancement.

Rank Team # Team Name Location Award
1 10098 2 Eyed Illuminati Chadds Ford, PA Inspire Award 2nd place
2 20153 Silver Wolves Kennett Square, PA Top Ranked 3rd place Team
3 20094 Raiderbots Squared Coatesville, PA Top Ranked 4th place Team
4 12593 Yantrik Bridgeville, PA Top Ranked 5th place Team
5 9242 Gearhounds York, PA Design Award Winner