Eastern Pennsylvania Qualifier

2021-2022 Season - Remote Qualifying Tournament

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Tuesday January 18, 2022 - Sunday January 23, 2022

Remote Event

Remote Scoring System

Virtual Sessions

Opening Ceremonies (Tue 7:30 pm): (virtual event complete)
Drivers Meeting (Fri 7:30 pm): (virtual event complete)
Awards & Closing Ceremonies (Sun 4:00 pm): (virtual event complete)

Event Materials

Opening Ceremonies – Event Recording
Opening Ceremonies – Remote Event Kickoff slides
Opening Ceremonies – Remote Qualifier slides
Opening Ceremonies – Remote Judging slides
Awards & Closing Ceremonies – Slides
Awards & Closing Ceremonies – Video

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Tuesday7:30 PMOpening Ceremonies
Wednesday12:00 AMCompetition Submission Window Opens
12:00 AMJudging Materials Submission Window Opens
Friday7:30 PMDrivers Meeting
Saturday7:00 AMJudging Materials Submission Window Closes
amJudging Interviews
pmFollow-up Judging
Sunday12:00 PMCompetition Submission Window Closes
4:00 PMAwards & Closing Ceremonies

Team Registration Information

Participating Teams

Team #Team NameOrganizationLocation
3795JagWiredGarnet Valley High SchoolGlen Mills, PA
4185Silver SoldiersOwen J. Roberts High SchoolPottstown, PA
5320RoboLancers GoldCentral High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
5440Blazin' CircuitsGarnet Valley High SchoolGlen Mills, PA
6676RoboLancers CrimsonCentral High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
6964IgutechIgutech, Inc.Bethlehem, PA
7416Silver SpartansOwen J Roberts High SchoolPottstown, PA
9618Cyber SpartansSpringfield Township High SchoolErdenheim, PA
9791Divide By ZeroNAHarleysville, PA
10353Metal WorksFamily and FriendsLancaster, PA
12792Sharon High School Robotics TeamSharon City School DistrictSharon, PA
14133Lansdale Catholic Junior CrusadersLansdale CatholicLansdale, PA
16468Green LemonsUnionville Chadds-Ford School DIstrictWest Chester, PA
16606Tech-Knight RoboticsFamily and FriendsLansdale, PA
16941RoboLancers CobaltCentral High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
17334Panthera RoboticaSaucon Valley High SchoolHellertown, PA
17458The Owl CouncilSnyder Middle SchoolBensalem, PA
18053Before OrangeFamilyPittsburgh, PA
18387The MallratsEastern PA Robotics AllianceSpringfield, PA
18436BasanMount Saint Joseph AcademyFlourtown, PA
18437ValkyriesMount Saint Joseph AcademyFlourtown, PA
20390MSJA FTC 3Mount Saint Joseph AcademyFlourtown, PA

Event Results

Competition Results

Top Placing Teams

  1. 12792 Sharon High School Robotics Team
  2. 16468 Green Lemons
  3. 6964 Igutech
  4. 16606 Tech-Knight Robotics
  5. 18053 Before Orange
  6. 17334 Panthera Robotica

Team Rankings

Team Rankings for the Qualification Matches

QP Quality Points; RP Ranking Points; TBP Tie Breaker Points; Highest / HS Highest Match Score

112792Sharon High Robotics Team9042763581586
216468Green Lemons8842943061666
416606Tech-Knight Robotics8192763711426
518053Before Orange7973063631456
617334Panthera Robotica5941962041206
714133Lansdale Catholic Cyber Crusaders5651052921076
810353Metal Works5341542381076
99791Divide by Zero526130362936
104185Silver Soldiers492170274986
139618Cyber Spartans32376214786
1516941RoboLancers Cobalt26330166696
1717458Snyder Owls24129115586
185440Blazin' Circuits2330268656
196676RoboLancers Crimson20826164586
2020390Fire Snails1966278506
215320RoboLancers Gold1786168476
227416Silver Spartans8830113236

Judged Awards

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Design Award

16606 Tech-Knight Robotics - Winner

6964 Igutech - 2nd Place

16468 Green Lemons - 3rd Place

Award Details

Motivate Award

18436 Basan - Winner

12792 Sharon High School Robotics Team - 2nd Place

18437 Valkyries - 3rd Place

Award Details

Innovate Award sponsored by Raytheon Technologies

6964 Igutech - Winner

18053 Before Orange - 2nd Place

18387 The Mallrats - 3rd Place

Award Details

Connect Award

12792 Sharon High School Robotics Team - Winner

18053 Before Orange - 2nd Place

18387 The Mallrats - 3rd Place

Award Details

Think Award

16468 Green Lemons - Winner

18053 Before Orange - 2nd Place

12792 Sharon High School Robotics Team - 3rd Place

Award Details

Inspire Award

18053 Before Orange - Winner

12792 Sharon High School Robotics Team - 2nd Place

16606 Tech-Knight Robotics - 3rd Place

Award Details


The teams in the table below advanced to the Pennsylvania FTC Championship at the time of this event.

The final list of teams advancing from this Qualifier is available on the Pennsylvania FTC Championship webpage. That final advancement list may be different than this initial advancement list due to changes in teams’ availability and eligibility. Advancements are awarded per FTC Game Manual 1 Order of Advancement.

Rank Team # Team Name Location Award
1 18053 Before Orange Pittsburgh, PA Inspire Award Winner
2 12792 Sharon High School Robotics Team Sharon, PA Top Ranked Team
3 16468 Green Lemons West Chester, PA Top Ranked 2nd place Team
4 16606 Tech-Knight Robotics Lansdale, PA Inspire Award 3rd place
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