Philadelphia Qualifier

2019-2020 Season - Qualifying Tournament

Event Information


Saturday February 8, 2020
7:45 am - 6:00 pm


Central High School
1700 West Olney Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19141


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7:00 AMVolunteers Arrive and Check-in
7:45 AMTeams Arrive and Check-in
Robot and Field Inspection Begins
8:20 AMJudge Interviews Begin
10:15 AMRobot and Field Inspection Ends
10:30 AMDrivers Meeting On Competition Field
10:45 AMQueue First 2 Matches
11:00 AMOpening Ceremonies
11:15 AMQualification Matches Begin
12:30 PMLunch Break
1:00 PMQualification Matches Resume
3:30 PMSemifinals
4:30 PMFinals
5:30 PMAwards and Closing Ceremonies
6:00 PMEvent Complete

Event Host

The event hosts are FTC Teams 5320 RoboLancers Gold and 6676 RoboLancers Crimson of Central High School, Philadelphia, PA.

Team Registration Information

Participating Teams

Team # Team Name Organization Location
4400 GearHead Group Parkway Center City Middle College Philadelphia, PA
5320 RoboLancers Gold Central High School Philadelphia, PA
5321 Tech Heroes Carver HSES Philadelphia, PA
5488 Friere RoboDragons Freire Charter High School Philadelphia, PA
5514 Parkway RoboHounds Parkway Center City Middle College Philadelphia, PA
6540 Railsplitter Abraham Lincoln High School Philadelphia, PA
6552 N.E.R.D.S. Northeast High School Philadelphia, PA
6606 Cyber Mustangs Murrell Dobbins CTE Philadelphia, PA
6676 RoboLancers Crimson Central High School Philadelphia, PA
7883 Iron Patriots Penn Wood High School Lansdowne, PA
8480 Technabots Philadelphia HS for Girls Philadelphia, PA
8730 Robogriffins Academy @ Palumbo High School Philadelphia, PA
9568 Olney Trojan Robotics Olney Charter High School / ASPIRA of PA Philadelphia, PA
9570 Gear Girls Carver HSES Philadelphia, PA
9734 JasAva NAVSUP WSS Philadelphia, PA
9854 Penn Charter Robotics William Penn Charter School Philadelphia, PA
10002 Ms. Stembot NAVSUP WSS Philadelphia, PA
11154 Widener-Chester STEM Academy at Showalter Chester, PA
11493 Upside Down Science Leadership Academy at Beeber Philadelphia, PA
12084 Really... Simple Machines Cedarbrook Middle School Wyncote, PA
12308 Bodine Ambassadors Bodine High School Philadelphia, PA
12455 Workshop The Workshop School Philadelphia, PA
13347 Binary Bots Project HOME Philadelphia, PA
14738 Cougars Calvary Christian Academy Philadelphia, PA
15521 U-Botics The U School Philadelphia, PA
16661 Mansion RoboKnights Strawberry Mansion High School Philadelphia, PA
16663 High School of the Future High School of the Future Philadelphia, PA
16664 Genbots Constitution High School Philadelphia, PA
16665 Falcon Robotics Furness High School Philadelphia, PA
16800 CalvaryRobot Calvary Christian Academy Philadelphia, PA
16941 Wrench Toast Central High School Philadelphia, PA

Event Results

Competition Results

Winning Alliance

16941 Wrench Toast - Captain

8730 Robogriffins

12308 Bodine Ambassadors

Finalist Alliance

14738 Cougars - Captain

8480 Technabots

16800 CalvaryRobot

RankingsMatch Details
Elimination Bracket

Judged Awards

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Judges' Award

16665 Falcon Robotics - Winner

Award Details

Control Award sponsored by Arm, Inc.

16800 CalvaryRobot - Winner

16941 Wrench Toast - 2nd Place

14738 Cougars - 3rd Place

Award Details

Motivate Award

6552 N.E.R.D.S. - Winner

8480 Technabots - 2nd Place

13347 Binary Bots - 3rd Place

Award Details

Design Award

5320 RoboLancers Gold - Winner

16941 Wrench Toast - 2nd Place

8480 Technabots - 3rd Place

Award Details

Collins Aerospace Innovate Award

16941 Wrench Toast - Winner

9570 Gear Girls - 2nd Place

9854 Penn Charter Robotics - 3rd Place

Award Details

Connect Award

9570 Gear Girls - Winner

6552 N.E.R.D.S. - 2nd Place

8480 Technabots - 3rd Place

Award Details

Think Award

12308 Bodine Ambassadors - Winner

8730 Robogriffins - 2nd Place

6552 N.E.R.D.S. - 3rd Place

Award Details

Inspire Award

8480 Technabots - Winner

6552 N.E.R.D.S. - 2nd Place

9570 Gear Girls - 3rd Place

Award Details


The teams in the table below advanced to the Pennsylvania FTC Championship at the time of this event.

The final list of teams advancing from this Qualifier is available on the Pennsylvania FTC Championship webpage. That final advancement list may be different than this initial advancement list due to changes in teams’ availability and eligibility. Advancements are awarded per FTC Game Manual 1 Order of Advancement.

Rank Team # Team Name Location Award
1 8480 Technabots Philadelphia, PA Inspire Award Winner
2 16941 Wrench Toast Philadelphia, PA Winning Alliance Captain
3 6552 N.E.R.D.S. Philadelphia, PA Inspire Award 2nd place
4 8730 Robogriffins Philadelphia, PA Winning Alliance 1st Team selected
5 9570 Gear Girls Philadelphia, PA Inspire Award 3rd place
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