The Oxford Open

2018-2019 Season - Team Powered Scrimmage

Event Information


Saturday November 17, 2018
8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Oxford Area High School
705 Waterway Rd
Oxford, PA 19363


7:30 AMVolunteers Arrive and Check-in
8:00 AMTeams Arrive and Check-in
Robot and Field Inspection Begins
10:30 AMDrivers Meeting On Competition Field
10:50 AMOpening Ceremonies
11:00 AMMatches Begin
12:15 PMLunch Break
1:00 PMMatches Resume
3:45 PMAwards and Closing Ceremonies
4:00 PMEvent Complete

Team Powered

This event is hosted and managed by FTC Teams 61 Ozone, 6045 Ohm Boys, and 11440 Ohmega.

Team Registration Information

Participating Teams

Team #Team NameOrganizationLocation
61OZoneOxford RoboticsOxford
118Steel HornetsEmmaus High SchoolEmmaus
3795JagWiredGarnet Valley High SchoolGlen Mills
4185Silver SoldiersOwen J. Roberts High SchoolPottstown
4433Smokin' MotorsWyomissingWyomissing
6045Ohm BoysOxford RoboticsOxford
6306RSHS TiborgsRSHSNorth East
7314Sab-BOT-ageDowningtown Area RoboticsDowningtown
7416Silver SpartansOwen J. Roberts High SchoolPottstown
7423Flaming PhoenixUnionville Chadds-Ford School DistrictUnionville
100982 Eyed IlluminatiUnionvilleChadds Ford
11208Kardia RoboticsKardia Learning CenterReading
11349VorTechMcCaskey Robotics - School District of LancasterLancaster
13669RaiderbotsCoatesville Area HIgh SchoolCoatesville
14423RoboCornsDowningtown Area RoboticsExton
14629Alchemist's FlaskCommunityCrofton

Event Results

Competition Results

Top Placing Teams

  1. 11208 Kardia Robotics
  2. 7314 Sab-BOT-age
  3. 4433 Smokin' Motors
RankingsMatch Details

Team Rankings

Team Rankings for the Qualification Matches

QP Quality Points; RP Ranking Points; TBP Tie Breaker Points; Highest / HS Highest Match Score

RankTeam #Team NameRPTBPHighestMatches
111208Kardia Robotics102051655
34433Smokin' Motors82551535
414629Alchemist's Flask82461655
5100982 Eyed Illuminati63141755
86045Ohm Boys4326975
9118Steel Hornets4304915
107416Silver Spartans42661145
114185Silver Soldiers42621235
146306RSHS Tiborgs2257935
167423Flaming Phoenix0283695