Philadelphia Area League Meet 3

2014-2015 Season - League Meet

Event Information


Wednesday January 14, 2015
3:00 pm - 6:30 pm


Temple University
College of Engineering Building
Room 102 Exhibition Hall
1947 N 12th St
Philadelphia, PA 19122


2:00 PMVolunteers Arrive and Check-in
3:00 PMTeams Arrive and Check-in
Hardware and Software Inspection Begins
4:00 PMMatches Begin
5:00 PMBreak
5:15 PMMatches Resume
6:30 PMEvent Complete

Team Registration Information

Participating Teams

Team #Team NameOrganizationLocation
5224RobowolvesBoys' Latin of Philadelphia Charter SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
5320RoboLancers GoldCentral High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
5321TechHeroesG.W. Carver High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
5488RoboDragonsFreire Charter SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
5505The RoboneersFrankford High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
5506Robo OwlsEdison High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
5511Rail SplittersAbraham Lincoln High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
6552N.E.R.D.S.Northeast High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
6606Dobbins ForceMurrell Dobbins/Allegheny West FoundationPhiladelphia, PA
6676RoboLancers CrimsonCentral High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
6677TecheadsBoys' Latin of Philadelphia Charter SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
7883Iron PatriotsPenn Wood High SchoolLansdowne, PA
7960FSS FalconsFriends Select SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
8480TechnobotsPhiladelphia High School for GirlsPhiladelphia, PA
8730RoboGriffinsAcademy at PalumboPhiladelphia, PA
9570GearGirlsG.W. Carver High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA

Event Results

Competition Results

Top Placing Teams

  1. 5505 The Roboneers
  2. 5506 Robo Owls
  3. 6677 Techeads
RankingsMatch Details

Meet Rankings

Team Rankings for the Meet Qualification Matches

QP Quality Points; RP Ranking Points; TBP Tie Breaker Points; Highest / HS Highest Match Score

RankTeam #Team NameMeet QPMeet RPMeet HighestMeet MatchesLeague QPLeague RPLeague Matches
15505The Roboneers82001804102808
25506Robo Owls62541704114108
45320RoboLancers Gold51901804103068
86676RoboLancers Crimson4160150483408
97960FSS Falcons32741504653512
107883Iron Patriots3160110453508
116606Dobbins Force111060432458
125511Rail Splitters012070401204