Philadelphia Meets – Meet Results

2012-2013 Season - Final Meet

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Friday February 15, 2013


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Event Details

Philadelphia Meets

Pennsylvania FTC will be part of FIRST FTC pilot to test an alternative format to the standard day-long tournaments. The goal of this “Robot Meets” format is to align with other successful interscholastic activities including track, swim, wrestling, and other meet structures.

Philadelphia School teams will participate in the Pennsylvania Robot Meets pilot. Meets 1-6 are after-school events and includes inspections plus up to five matches per team. The overall Philadelphia Meets competition rankings are based on the average Quality Points and Ranking Points from all matches.

Teams must compete in at least 3 of the 6 Meets to be considered for advancement to the Pennsylvania FTC Championship Tournament. The top 6 Teams will advance to the Pennsylvania FTC Championship Tournament.

Philadelphia Meets Results

This page contains the results from the 6 Philadelphia Meets, including:

  • the list of teams who competed in at least 1 Meet
  • the overall computed rankings (click Rankings button) from the 6 Meets
  • the top 6 teams who advanced to the Pennsylvania FTC Championship Tournament

Congratulations and thank you to the Philadelphia teams who participated in the Meets!

Team Registration Information

Participating Teams

Team #Team NameOrganizationLocation
4884PACTS FireThe Franklin InstitutePhiladelphia, PA
5224Boys' Latin Robotics OrgBoys' Latin of Philadelphia Charter SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
5320GoldCentral High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
5321TechHeroesG.W. Carver HSPhiladelphia, PA
5323TechnobotsPhiladelphia High School for GirlsPhiladelphia, PA
5488RobodragonsFreire Charter SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
5505FrankfordFrankford High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
5506Robo JaguarsUniversity City High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
5507BrookbotsOverbrook High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
5514Shark BaitParkway Center City High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
6540LincolnAbraham Lincoln High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
6552Northeast RoboticsNortheast High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
6606Dobbins-AWFDobbins-AWF Robotics ClubPhiladelphia, PA
6676CrimsonCentral High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
6677WarriorsBoys' Latin of Philadelphia Charter SchoolPhiladelphia, PA
6884TechSidekickG.W. Carver High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA

Event Results

Competition Results

Top Placing Teams

  1. 5488 Robodragons
  2. 6552 Northeast Robotics
  3. 5505 Frankford

Team Rankings

Team Rankings for the Qualification Matches

QP Quality Points; RP Ranking Points; TBP Tie Breaker Points; Highest / HS Highest Match Score

Ave / Match QPAve / Match RPM1 QPM1 RPM1 #M2 QPM2 RPM2 #M3 QPM3 RPM3 #M4 QPM4 RPM4 #M5 QPM5 RPM5 #M6 QPM6 RPM6 #
26552Northeast Robotics1.501.2960410355155
85224Boys' Latin Robotics Org0.870.60625235545
115506Robo Jaguars0.792.212044855235
4884* PACTS Fire715
5514* Shark Bait3954135
* = insufficient Meet attendance for advancement consideration


The teams in the table below advanced to the Pennsylvania FTC Championship at the time of this event.

The final list of teams advancing from the Philadelphia Meets is available on the Pennsylvania FTC Championship webpage. That final advancement list may be different than this initial advancement list due to changes in teams’ availability and eligibility.

Rank Team # Team Name Location Award
1 5488 Robodragons Philadelphia, PA Meets 1st Place
2 6552 Northeast Robotics Philadelphia, PA Meets 2nd Place
3 5505 Frankford Philadelphia, PA Meets 3rd Place
4 6676 Crimson Philadelphia, PA Meets 4th Place
5 6677 Warriors Philadelphia, PA Meets 5th Place
6 5320 Gold Philadelphia, PA Meets 6th Place
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