FTC PA 2023-24 Season Blast #9 – Qualifier Registration Opens Oct 1st at 12:00 Noon

Hello Teams and Volunteers,

This is the ninth in the continuing series of Pennsylvania FIRST Robotics emails. Hopefully you received the last email regarding a Call for Volunteers and are considering dedicating your valuable time and resources to making this season a success. As always, previous emails can be found on our website in the COMMUNICATION Archives.


As was announced in previous email blasts, we will open registration for the Qualifiers on Sunday, October 1st at 12:00 Noon. This gives all of our team’s an opportunity to review the options with their student and adult members and make decisions as to event priorities. Please note that another Scrimmage was added to the existing schedule, and we may add more. If teams still want to add Team Powered workshops or scrimmages this season, please let me know for consideration.

Prior to registering, please carefully read the Event Participation Policy:


For this season it may be possible for Out-of-State teams to compete in PA, however in our registration process, PA teams are given preference and priority over out-of-state teams. Also, per Game Manual 1 section 6.1 Eligibility for Advancement – Teams are only eligible to advance from events within their Home Region. Teams may choose to compete at Tournaments outside of their Home Region, however, do so for the opportunity of additional gameplay and to compete with other teams from outside of their area. Teams may NOT advance from Tournaments outside of their Home Region.

Please read the Processing Event Registration Requests section and let us know if you have any questions. For teams that are on Waitlists P2 – P6, we will begin filling our events 4 weeks prior to the date of each event.


Then follow the instruction on our Event Registration page and associated form.


SPECIAL NOTE: In our last email blast, we stated that we opened registration for Workshops and Scrimmages only. Some teams also registered for Qualifiers regardless of our statement that we would not be accepting them. Any Qualifier Registrations prior to 12:00AM on Sunday the 1st will be canceled, and your team will be notified that you need to register again.

Of course, you may continue to register for Workshops and Scrimmages as well.

Full details are on our EVENT website.



FIRST® Tech Challenge Game Q&A Forum in open! Every registered FIRST Tech Challenge team is granted one account to ask questions and receive official answers from our game design committee through the game Q&A forum. A code for each team is loaded into the team’s dashboard.

Key Resources such as Game Manuals, have been updated and released. This was communicated in a previous Team Email Blasts. The FIRST Tech Challenge Software Development Kit (SDK) has also been released. If you did not get this email, please let me know and I will forward it, however you should be able to access it yourself in the FIRST FTC Email Archives.


All the best,

Tom and the FTC PA Team!

Pennsylvania FIRST® Robotics
FIRST Tech Challenge® Program Delivery Partner
phone: (302) 383-9925
email: ftc@pennfirst.org
Website: www.FTCPenn.org