PA FTC League Tournaments – Judge Schedules Posted

Hi Teams,

A quick note regarding the League Tournaments this month. As of today, the Central League is in full play. Last night we had a nice opening Ceremony but unfortunately the attempt to record this session through the conferencing app failed on us. We do want to share the slides with you however especially for those teams in the Central League that were not able to attend. 2021 PA FTC League Tournament Kickoff 04-06-2021

The Judging Schedules for your teams are assigned and posted as stated in our communication last Friday April 2nd. What we want to let you know is that we encourage ALL teams to go into their scheduled times and practice joining in and using the conferencing tool at your leisure and especially before Saturday assuming your team members will join from different locations. Please do not worry about conferencing in and breaking anything. The scheduled judge times assigned to you are unique to your team so PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

Primary / Secondary Coaches actions:

  • Obtain web conferencing links and share with your team
  • Upload judging documents (before 7:00AM Saturday)
  • Use integrated web conferencing system for interview

The attached ppt slides for the “Remote Judging via the Remote Scoring System” provides instructions for joining your sessions. Last night’s ppt “2021 PA FTC League Tournament Kickoff” slides provide guidance and contacts should you run into any technical issues with the Scoring System. 2021-03-31 PA FTC Remote Judging via the Remote Scoring System

Links to the Judging Sessions follows. Again, please be sure to access these as a team and practice well before your scheduled Judging session so your whole team is up top speed.




Thank you for your attention and best of luck in your practices and Matches.

Tom Zawislak and Dave Hackett

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