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A Tournament is the culmination of an FIRST Tech Challenge Team's experience. Teams must put their robot designs and programs to the test against other teams to score points and advance. The alliance format encourages students to interact with other Teams as they scout for possible alliance partners.

To find a tournament, click 2016-2017 Season for a full list of Pennsylvania FIRST Tech Challenge events or visit http://www.firstinspires.org/team-event-search for a full list of FIRST events.

Pennsylvania FIRST Tech Challenge Tournament Agenda

Below is general Agenda for Pennsylvania FIRST Tech Challenge Tournaments.  Times may vary due to the number of teams and other factors at a specific Tournament.  Always check the individual Tournament page for Tournament-specific agenda.

 7:00  Volunteers Arrive and Check-in
  Teams Arrive and Check-in
  Robot and Field Inspection Begins
 8:20  Judge Interviews Begin
 10:30  Drivers Meeting On Competition Field 
 10:45  Opening Ceremonies
 11:00  Qualification Matches Begin
 12:30  Lunch Break
 1:00  Qualification Matches Resume
 3:00  Start Semifinals
 4:00  Start Finals
 4:45  Awards and Closing Ceremonies
 5:15  Event Complete

FIRST Tech Challenge Advancement Criteria

Teams advance to the next level of competition in the order indicated below according to the number of spots available. The advancement criteria will be applied to teams in North America as follows:
  1. Teams advance from a Qualifying Tournament or a League Championship to a Championship Tournament
  2. Teams advance from a Championship Tournament to one Super-Regional Championship Tournament. Once a team has qualified for an invitation to a Super-Regional Championship, that team is no longer eligible to be invited to a second Super-Regional Championship.
  3. Teams advance from a Super Regional Championship Tournament to the FIRST Championship
In the event that the team listed has already advanced or there is no team fitting that description (as in 2nd team selected at smaller events), the advancement will continue in order.
  1. Optional: Qualifier Host Team (NOTE: Each region’s Affiliate Partner decides if this advancement opportunity will be offered, and if so, when the host team must be identified).
  2. Inspire Award Winner
  3. Winning Alliance Captain
  4. Inspire Award 2nd place
  5. Winning Alliance, 1st team selected
  6. Inspire Award 3rd place
  7. Winning Alliance, 2nd team selected
  8. Think Award Winner
  9. Finalist Alliance Captain
  10. Connect Award Winner
  11. Finalist Alliance, 1st team selected
  12. Rockwell Collins Innovate Award Winner
  13. Finalist Alliance, 2nd team selected
  14. PTC Design Award Winner
  15. Motivate Award Winner
  16. Control Award Winner
  17. Highest Ranked Team* not previously advanced until all spaces are filled, beginning with the Winning Division and alternating to the Finalist Division team of equal rank.
  18. Think Award 2nd Place
  19. Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced (as described above)
  20. Connect Award 2nd Place
  21. Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced (as described above)
  22. Rockwell Collins Innovate Award 2nd Place
  23. Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced (as described above)
  24. PTC Design Award 2nd Place
  25. Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced (as described above)
  26. Motivate Award Winner 2nd Place
  27. Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced (as described above)
  28. Control Award Winner 2nd Place
  29. Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced (as described above)
  30. Think Award 3rd Place
  31. Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced (as described above)
  32. Connect Award 3rd Place
  33. Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced (as described above)
  34. Rockwell Collins Innovate Award 3rd Place
  35. Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced (as described above)
  36. PTC Design Award 3rd Place
  37. Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced (as described above)
  38. Motivate Award 3rd Place
  39. Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced (as described above)
  40. Control Award 3rd Place
  41. Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced (as described above)
*Refers to qualifying ranking

Tournament Q&A

Q. What are the tournaments like?
A. Tournaments consist of opening and closing ceremonies, complete with trophies, awards, and recognition. Tournaments are exciting and fun competitions packed with volunteers and spectators that celebrate learning about science, technology, and engineering.

Q. Does our team registration include participation at an event?
No, tournament application is a separate process. Event organizers determine the tournament fee, and the cost to attend varies. The registration fee for a Championship Tournament can range from $0-$300(US).

Q. Where can we find out about the tournaments?
. Visit http://www.firstinspires.org/team-event-search for information on events near you. 

Q. How is a tournament run?
. FIRST Tech Challenge Affiliate Partners, Tournament Partners, and many volunteers plan, coordinate, and run the one-day tournaments. Teams attending Qualifying and Championship Tournaments compete in the robot game and go before a panel of judges who assess the team's technical knowledge and understanding, as well as team interaction and spirit.

Q. If we pay the $275 team registration fee, will our team definitely be able to participate in a tournament?
You will most likely be able to participate in a tournament, but there is no guarantee that there will be enough tournaments, volunteers, or space to accommodate all teams in all locations, or that there will be a tournament available in your area. The FIRST Tech Challenge Affiliate Partners do everything they can to provide all teams with an event, which could mean teams traveling a little farther for a competition. In the event that more teams apply to a tournament than can be accommodated at the event, the organizers have the right to limit teams into the tournament on a first-come, first-served or other basis. In some areas with a large number of teams, local events sometimes serve as Qualifying Tournaments for team advancement to a Championship Tournament in that state or province.

Q. Can I schedule a local event, or do I need to work through FIRST Tech Challenge?
Teams can run their own local events. If your area hosts an area/provincial Championship Tournament, contact the FIRST Tech Challenge Affiliate Partner in your area and let him/her know about your local event. This will ensure adequate promotion and team awareness for your event.

Q. Do teams need to bring their computers to a tournament?
A. If your team attends a Qualifying Tournament or Championship Tournament, it is recommended that you bring a computer for the day of the competition. You may need to modify your robot's programs to accommodate the specific conditions of the tournament setting and to improve robot performance.

Q. How does a team win an award?
Judges will be observing and interviewing teams throughout the day, both on the field and off. At the end of the day they will recognize the most remarkable teams with trophies in various categories.