Team Rankings

Ramp Riot Scrimmage

Column Abbreviations:
  • QP (Total Qualification Points) - 2 Points for a WIN, 1 Point for a TIE, 0 Points for a LOSS.
  • TBP (Tie Breaker Points) - Tie Breaker points are awarded using the losing alliance's pre-penalty score in each match.
  • Highest (Highest Match Score) - The highest match score awarded to the team (not currently available).

RankTeam #Team NameRPTBPHighestMatches
310353Metal Works1.6016.3415
4118Steel Hornets1.2027.3835
65320RoboLancers Gold1.2022.8435
714530Tech Turtles1.2019.5415
84914SCH FTC Robotics0.8023.3555
99854Penn Charter Robotics0.8021.0365
106676RoboLancers Crimson0.8017.3665
129791Divide By Zero0.4023.01045
1316941Wrench Toast0.4021.0315