Team Rankings

Pittsburgh Area Scrimmage

Column Abbreviations:
  • QP (Total Qualification Points) - 2 Points for a WIN, 1 Point for a TIE, 0 Points for a LOSS.
  • TBP (Tie Breaker Points) - Tie Breaker points are awarded using the losing alliance's pre-penalty score in each match.
  • Highest (Highest Match Score) - The highest match score awarded to the team (not currently available).
RankTeam #Team NameRPTBPHighestMatches
116011Fayette 4-H Robotics2.0019.0655
216762Raider Robotics1.6021.8475
48509STEEL Serpents1.6012.5475
58395The A-Team1.2021.3415
69981Girls of Steel Lovelace1.2017.0405
89820Girls of Steel Hypatia1.2013.0315
916390RF Avengers0.8020.0385
1212578The Trojanators0.8011.0655
1313474MARS: Curiosity?0.4020.3385
1412792Sharon High Robotics0.4015.3345
159821Girls of Steel Hopper0.408.0135
1616776MARS: Opportunity0.0016.5255