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Southwestern Pennsylvania Qualifying Tournament

Southwestern Pennsylvania  Qualifying Tournament
Robert Morris University
Moon Township, PA
Saturday February 11, 2012


Team # Name School / Organization Location
534 Star Techs Logan County Schools Logan, WV
796 Wolves The Harley School High School Rochester, NY
3900 Thunder Sharks Pittsburgh SciTech Academy  Pittsburgh, PA
4077 MASH Friends of 401 West Vincent Township, PA
4082 RoboSpartans New Hartford RoboSpartan Robotics  New Hartford, NY
4127 BSOD Hudson Stem Alliance/Rockwell Automation Peninsula, OH
4149 Terabytes Terabytes Murrysville, PA
4468 Colts Cloverleaf Local Schools Lodi, OH 
4494 Wolverbots West Geauga High School / Rockwell Automation Chesterland, OH
4821 Robobots Ralph R. Willis Career and Technical Center Logan, WV
4933 Short Circuits II City Charter School Pittsburgh, PA
5112 J2IT Aurora School of Music and Aurora City Schools Aurora, OH
5479 Iron Penguins Southern Local School District Salineville, OH
5484 Enderbot Corning Incorporated Corning, NY
5526 S'Mores Gateway High School Robotics Monroeville, PA
5744 Bro-botics The Harley School High School Rochester, NY
5754 Marburn Academy Gear Pack Marburn Academy Columbus, OH
5799 Psyco Circuits McKeesport Area High School and Tech Center McKeesport, PA
1001 Hacksaw Rockwell Automation & Charles F. Brush High School Lyndhurst, OH

Tournament Results

Judged Awards

Motivate Award
The three finalists are: 4127 BSOD, 5479 Iron Penguins, 4077 MASH

This team stood out with a variety of educational backgrounds and enthusiasm. They reached out to the community by mentoring their siblings and others in shared roles. Their team acronym came through overcoming challenges with their robot. The Motivate Award is presented to Team 4127 BSOD – the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH

Connect Award
The three finalists are: Team 4082 RoboSpartans, Team 4494 Wolverbots, Team 534 Star Techs

This team is a shining example of reaching out to their community. Much like the crew of Star Trek, this team brings new opportunities to younger students to explore the world of robotics and engineering.  The Connect Award is presented to Team 534 the Star Techs

PTC Design Award
The three finalists are: Team 4082 RoboSpartans, Team 4468 Colts, Team 4077 MASH

Using the PTC software they designed a tall scissor lift that was inspired by a camera lift they saw at a local football game. Their lift worked with the precision of a triage unit. The PTC Design Award is presented to Team 4077 M.A.S.H.

Rockwell Collins Innovate Award
The three finalists are: Team 5484 Enderbot, Team 5112 J2IT, Team 4494 Woverbots

This team impressed the judges by having a robust design and consistent performance. The team worked together to solve many simple and complex problems by communicating effectively under pressure and keeping precise notes. Like the fiercest member of the X-men this team’s robot is a model of robustness and structural strength. The Rockwell Collins Innovate Award is presented to Team 4494 the 

Think Award
The three finalists are: Team 4082 RoboSpartans, Team 4149 Terabytes, Team 4077 MASH

This team clearly explained their journey as well as having an exceptional engineering notebook. This team doesn’t travel far from home to get to school. This teams enthusiasm is larger than a Gigabyte. The Think Award is presented to Team 4149 the Terabytes

Inspire Award
This team is a role model for all to follow as they skype across the oceans to spread the FIRST message in other countries and to connect with other engineers. Their unique team look goes throughout their uniforms, their robot and their engineering notebook. Their community outreach of over 1000 hours inspires all to be true FIRST warriors. The Inspire Award is presented to Team 4082 the Spartans

The 2nd place Inspire Award team is: Team 4077 MASH
The 3rd place Inspire Award team is: Team 4494 Woverbots

Competition Results

Winning Alliance
Captain: 4468 - Colts
Partner: 4149 - Terabytes

Finalist Alliance
Captain: 4077 - MASH
Partner:  4127 - BSOD

Advancing to the Pennsylvania State FTC Championship

The fourth set of six (6) teams who earned their way to the 2011-2012 Pennsylvania State FTC Championship:

 Rank Team # Team Name Award
 1 4082 Spartans Inspire Award
 2 4468 Colts Winning Alliance, Captain
 3 4077 MASH Inspire Award, 2nd Place
 4 4494 Woverbots Inspire Award, 3rd Place
 5 534 Startechs Connect Award Winner
 6 4127 BSOD Finalist Alliance, 1st Selected