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South Eastern Pennsylvania Regional Qualifying Tournament

South Eastern Pennsylvania Regional Qualifying Tournament
Montgomery County Community College
Blue Bell, PA
Saturday November 19, 2011


Team # Name School / Organization Location
61 Ozone Oxford Robotics Club Oxford, PA
118 Steel Hornet Emmaus High School Emmaus, PA
365 MOE First State Robotics Wilmington, DE
3539 Say Watt? Say Watt Robotics Edison, NJ
3795 Jag Wired Garnet Valley Schools Glen Mills, PA
4134 Dynamic Robotics Chester County Homeschool Robotics Club St. Peters, PA
4149 Terabytes Terabytes Murrysville, PA
4154 Ozone 2 Oxford Robotics Club Oxford, PA
4185 Silver Soldiers OJR Robotics/Lockheed Martin North Coventry, PA
4285 Blitzerbots Blitzerbots Elizabethtown, PA
4311 Watt the Hex? Say Watt Robotics Edison, NJ
4433 Smokin' Motors Conrad Weiser High School Robesonia, PA
4914 Vulcan Robotics Vulcan Spring and Mfg Co & Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Philadelphia, PA
4977 Lan Lords Lancaster FTC Millersville, PA
4999 Imagine It Imagine It Robotics Palmyra, PA
5169 Watts Up? Say Watt Robotics Edison, NJ
5440 Jags Rewired Garnet Valley Schools Glenn Mills, PA

Tournament Results

Judged Awards

Motivate Award
This team exemplifies the essence for FTC through their team spirit, costumes, enthusiasm, and an effort to make FIRST known in their community. This team has a visible presence wherever they go. This team is First rate from the First State. The winner of the motivate award is Team 365 - MOE, Wilmington, DE.

Connect Award
The strength of this team's outreach is like "real steel". They have developed a tool for other teams that can be used in many applications. This team is climbing the "trellis" of robotic success. The winner of the connect award is Team 4149 - Terabytes, Murrysville, PA.

PTC Design Award
This electricity team demonstrated a mastery of PTC software in their design process.. They integrated multiple sensors into a smoothly functioning, sophisticated machine. Their PTC Demonstration really "moved" the judges. The winner of the PTC design award is Team 4311 - Watt the Hex?, Edison, NJ.

Rockwell Collins Innovate Award
This team is a shining example of what an innovative team should be. They have a unique lift that can successfully stack multiple crates. This teams design helps them "march" to victory. The winner of the Rockwell Collins innovate award is Team 4185 - Silver Soldiers, North Coventry, PA.

Think Award
This teams notebook was impressively clean and organized as if they had never used an eraser. It is not a minor miracle that they are here. For experience and mustaches beyond their years, come on down for the Think Award... Team 4433 - Smokin' Motors, Robesonia, PA.

Inspire Award
This team is well designed and competitive on the field and their pathways to success Is well documented in their notebook. They do extensive outreach in their community year-round. Their software and programming classes support for rookie teams and efforts to recruit new students have expanded their own presence in their community. They have a strong connection with their sponsors and find ways to give back as well. WATT else can you say about this team? The winner of the inspire award is Team 3539 Say Watt?, Edison, NJ.

Competition Results

Winning Alliance
Captain: 61 - Ozone
Partner:  4185 - Silver Soldiers

Finalist Alliance
Captain: 3539 - Say Watt?
Partner:  5169 -  Watts Up?

Advancing to the Pennsylvania State FTC Championship

The first set of six teams who earned their way to the 2011-2012 Pennsylvania State FTC Championship:

 Rank Team # Team Name Award
 1 3539  Say Watt?  Inspire Award
 2 61  Ozone Winning Alliance, Captain
 3 4433  Smokin' Motors Inspire Award,  2nd Place
 4 4185 Silver Soldiers Winning Alliance, 1st Selected
 5 4149  Terabytes Connect Award Winner
 6 5169  Watts Up? Finalist Alliance, 1st Selected