Pennsylvania FTC Web Site Accounts

We will use this web site to share information that is restricted to specific roles supporting the Pennsylvania FTC program. If you are notified that you are required to have an account, please follow the steps below.

Here is an overview, and the details for these steps are listed below.

  1. Obtain a Google Account
  2. Send an email to with your Google account email addresses 
  3. Receive an acknowledgement email indicating that you now may sign in
  4. Sign In to using your Google account email address

Obtain a Google Account

To access the restricted area of this web site, you will need a Google Account. If you do not already have a Gmail or other Google account, create one here  

Send an Email

Send your Google account email address to so we can grant you access.

Receive an Acknowledgement

The website security needs to be updated to grant your account additional access. Once this is complete, you will receive an email from

Sign In

Browse to Sign In using your Google account by clicking on Sign In.

Note: After you log in, the browser URL prefix will change from to and communications to the website will also be encrypted (https).